Daniel Mijares Chiffer



I am a Graphic Design Professional with 20 years of experience who specializes in Corporate IdentityLogo Design, IllustrationCartoon and overall creative ideas.


I've had the pleasure of working with such brands as RENAULT, MCDONALDS, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN and la VAQUITA BRAND in Mexico; i also developed the image for DELICE CHOCOLATIER in San Antonio and NAIAD Yachts in Monaco among others. 


My goal is to give the client the best personal creative experience in every design.

What do i mean when I say "Every design has to tell a story"? When I was growing up I used to love watching the extra material in dvd´s ( DVD is an old movie format for you kids) and learn the process of creating an atmosphere thru art, set design, advertising it was all linked to create a singular message for a movie and I think that it’s also true in graphic design. What’s the message that you want to give your clients? Is your business friendly, formal, traditional, modern? Every element you design has to tell the same story and give the audience a fluent, congruent and effective image.